How to Tell if a Skunk has Rabies

Skunks are mammals and all mammals can carry rabies. Because of this it is crucial that you know the symptoms of rabieswhen you venture out into areas where you can come across an animal that has the disease.

Background Info on Rabies

Rabies is a disease that attacks a mammal’s central nervous system (that affects the creature’s brain as well as their nerves). The disease can be spread by the saliva of infected animals to other animals. Because the disease strikes major organs of the body, skunks with rabies display unusual characteristics.

Longleat, Skunk, RescuedHow Can I Spot a Skunk using Rabies?

Rabies effects the mind of animals, so they’ll be acting unusual and certainly will be making questionable decisions. This will include things like running for no reason, attacking objects which aren’t dangerous, injuring themselves, and showing no fear of being captured or assaulted by larger predators. It’s not unusual for animals with rabies to expose themselves in the open (when normally they would hide). An old wives tale is should you see an animal walking round during daylight hours in the open, the chances are that they have rabies.

Another tell-tale hint of rabies is by the animals walking stride. It is not uncommon to see an unusual gait and at which they commonly trip over themselves or fall down.

You need to always take precaution when going into areas where you may come in contact with animals carrying rabies. If a wild animal comes in contact with you personally and scratches, attacks, or bites you or your pet you should consult Wildlife Removal Vero Beach FL Professionals to help you.


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